Food and Beverage Industry

Automated Packaging in the Food and Beverage Industry

After all the effort you put into making the best products possible, you want be sure your products make it to your customers in top condition. The packaging you use is important, and to keep costs down, your packaging system needs to be quick and efficient. Fortunately, there are automated packaging solutions available that can streamline your production and help you save a lot of time and money when it comes to packaging.

Automatic Carton Erector and Taping Machines Streamline Packaging

For large volume production lines, it would be very inefficient to fold and tape boxes by hand. An automatic carton erector can complete all carton assembly processes, such as forming, bottom folding, and bottom sealing of the box in a single process. Then after the box is filled, it can continue on to the next step in the process where the box is automatically closed and sealed.

Automatic Heat Shrink Packaging

Another very efficient and convenient packaging system that is often used for packaging beverage containers is a Shrink Wrap Sealing Machine combined with a Heat Shrink Tunnel. An outer layer of shrink film can be placed around a number of beverage containers and then passed through a Heat Shrink Tunnel. The film shrinks to form a beautiful protective cover, conforming to the shape of the items.

Why CHAN Pack Has You Covered

With over 30 years’ experience it manufacturing, CHAN Pack has learned the importance of paying close attention to the many small details that make a wrapping system complete. Some of the many features of CHAN Pack’s Packaging Machines include the following.

Automatic Carton Erectors and Carton Taping Machines will assemble and seal boxes with uniform precision. They can be easily thread with either 2” or 3” wide, pressure-sensitive tape. Edge sealers automatically perform a 90-degree rotation to complete "H" seals along all outer edges. Fully pneumatic driven systems can use either adhesive tape or hot melt glue. Automatic arch strapping can finalize wrapping, and ink printers can be integrated into the line to print coding on boxes where required.

Shrink Wrap Sealers and Heat Shrink Tunnel Machines can use either conduction or convection type heating. The fully re-circulating air chamber uses digital temperature control and has adjustable air velocity control. Teflon mesh roller conveyors have variable speed control. Double entry and exit curtains maintain consistent temperature during sealing, and a cooling fan is installed at the exit for rapid final cool down. Automatic shutoff after-tunnel cool down and overheat compensator provide protection for electrical parts. An observation window allows easy process oversight, and the systems 24-hour, non-stop operation capability supports working with any assembly line.

CHAN Pack is a leading Carton Packaging Machine Manufacturer. Our end-of-line packaging machines have been providing innovative, complete packaging solutions since 1986, and our products are 100% Made in Taiwan for reliable quality. We look forward to working with you to simplify your packaging, free up your workers, and increase your production.