Impulse Sealer

Impulse Sealer

Impulse sealer heater only consumpts electricity during sealing process. After the current stops, seal remains under pressure to cool down and to give a clean finish. Some models of Impules Sealer are equipped with temperature adjustable heat guns in ordor to do simple shrink wrapping.

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  • I Bar Sealer - I Bar Sealer (CH-450IB)
    I Bar Sealer

    CH-460IB is a hand type impluse sealer. System include: I-Bar Sealer, timer, two-speed heat gun and holder. Suitable for PVC, POF, PE films. Easy to operate. Repair Kits: Include heating element, strip of lower PTFE tape, and 2-element cover tapes.

  • Impulse Sealer - Impulse Sealer (CH-600I)
    Impulse Sealer

    CH-600I hand type impulse sealer seals with electronic control. This machine is suitable for a limited working space and can seal larger objects. Handle design makes easier to carry.

  • Desk Impulse Sealer - Desk Impulse Sealer (CH-450LB)
    Desk Impulse Sealer

    CH-450LB L-Bar Sealer is electric magnetic designed, and it is easy to operate without an air compressor.

  • Desk Impulse Sealer - Desk Impulse Sealer (CHL-450C)
    Desk Impulse Sealer

    CHL-450C L-bar sealer is electric magnetic designed and can be operated easily without an air compressor. Working height is adjustable, sealing line height can also be adjusted according to product's size. There will be a beep sound to inform when the process is completed.

  • L-Bar Sealer - L-Bar Sealer (CH-450L)
    L-Bar Sealer

    CH-450L comes with L-sealer and film bracket. It is easy to operate.

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Chuen An Impulse Sealer Service Introduction

Chuen An Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Impulse Sealer supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years experence. Since 1986, in the packaging machinery manufacturer, Chuen An has been offering our customers high quality Impulse Sealer production service. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, Chuen An always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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