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Ideal for smaller packaging operations, this shrink tunnel machine is economic, lightweight, and provides consistent shrinking. Variable tunnel settings enable the tunnel to work great with PVC shrink and Polyolefin shrink.
  • <span>Mini Heat Shrink Tunnel</span>CN-4520A
    Mini Heat Shrink TunnelCN-4520A
  • <span>Mini Heat Shrink Tunnel</span>CN-4015A/4520AL
    Mini Heat Shrink TunnelCN-4015A/4520AL
This is a single chamber shrink tunnel machine with some technical details useful to satisfy all the packaging needs. Suitable for effectively to multiple packaging needs and can work with the most varied types of shrink film.
  • <span>POF Heat Shrink Tunnel</span>CN-6530POF
    POF Heat Shrink TunnelCN-6530POF
  • <span>POF Heat Shrink Tunnel</span>CN-4520US
    POF Heat Shrink TunnelCN-4520US
  • <span>POF Heat Shrink Tunnel</span>CN-4520PD
    POF Heat Shrink TunnelCN-4520PD
This shrink tunnel machine is on the market with responding flexibly and effectively to the many packaging needs and can work with more types of shrink film.
  • <span>PE Heat Shrink Tunnel</span>CN-6530E
    PE Heat Shrink TunnelCN-6530E
Ideal for label shrink tunnel machine is a basic version with a conveyor specifically designed for smooth shrink labels on caps and bottles.
  • <span>Label Sleeve Heat Shrink Tunnel</span>CN-1640HC
    Label Sleeve Heat Shrink TunnelCN-1640HC