Heat Shrink Tunnel Wrapping Machines

Shrink wrapper machines are versatile devices that use a conveyor system and heat to maintain consistent temperatures within the tunnel chamber. They are primarily used for heat shrink packaging items but can also work in curing applications. The shrink tunnel's heat settings and the conveyor speed can be adjusted to meet our customers' requirements. The shrink tunnel machine works to shrink materials like Polyolefin Films that circle a product or object. By utilizing a conveyor and heat, the shrink tunnel machine ensures consistent temperatures within the tunnel chamber. With different types of shrink wrappers available, businesses can choose the most suitable method of heat application. Contact us today to learn more if you want to streamline your packaging process and boost your efficiency. 
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  • Provides a viable and easy solution to high and medium-volume shrink wrapping applications.
    It has cooling system, helps to cool the product and finish the shrink cycle. 
    Specifically crafted to work with PE film.
    The tunnels come in a variety of sizes to customize nearly any product size.