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CHUEN AN PACK is a leading global case/carton automatic packaging machine manufacturer in Taiwan. With over 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, we offer a wide range of secondary packaging machines, including carton taping sealers, case erectors, pallet stretch wrappers, box sealing machines, heat shrink tunnels, sleeve wrappers, loading, strapping, conveying, pallet dispenser, and complete automated case/carton packaging line solutions.

Our expertise allows us to provide customized packaging systems to meet each customer's specific needs. CHUEN AN PACK has a series of in-house equipment to produce the majority of workpieces. We aim to be the premier packaging solutions provider by implementing global best practices and prioritizing customer satisfaction. We aim to reduce customer burden by efficiently and reliably supplying top-quality packaging machinery. If you have any questions, contact us today. 

Chuen An: Packaging Machine Manufacturer

What do we have services?


A comprehensive packaging solution awaits you. Our dedicated team handles everything, from design and build to ongoing technical support. We understand your unique needs and budget, crafting the perfect packaging machine for your requirements. Standard or custom, no challenge is too great. We offer OEM services, tailoring solutions to your every desire.

By understanding your needs, our packaging equipment increases production capacity while lowering costs. Ultimately, we empower you to achieve your goals with solutions for every packaging need.


Your packaging journey, from design to delivery, happens under one roof. A dedicated team oversees every stage, from meticulous design to rigorous testing, ensuring unmatched efficiency and quality.

Own and operate advanced equipment, granting complete control over production, including all welding and sheet metal work, guaranteeing unwavering quality in each component.

A highly qualified team ensures smooth operation and facilitates real-time modifications. Regular updates keep you informed throughout the build process.

With a 90% self-manufacturing rate and 100% made in Taiwan, our machines are built to perform, keeping your packaging line running smoothly for years.


CHUEN AN will invite you to witness a factory acceptance test to ensure the packaging machinery meets your approval. Additionally, our engineer will provide comprehensive training to your operators, ensuring they can operate and maintain the machine effectively. Furthermore, we will prepare instructional videos detailing machine maintenance and installation procedures, accommodating situations where operators cannot attend the in-person acceptance test.

Automatic carton packaging
Automatic carton packaging
Automatic pallet cargo shrink film packaging
Automatic carton packaging


CHUEN AN boasts a dedicated after-sales support team readily available to provide spare parts and address any technical inquiries or issues that may arise. Our team is committed to offering prompt and efficient service, ensuring your concerns are resolved quickly.

What solution do we have?

The possibilities are endless. When it’s time for automation, nobody picks and places you where you need to be like robotics. Whatever you need to do...box erector, pick, pack, print, sealer, palletize, stretch wrapper, or fulfill, we’re here to plan, design, and engineer for you.


Fully automatic cargo packaging system

If our high-quality packaging machines spark your interest, we would be thrilled to be your trusted supplier in this domain. Our expertise lies in finding the perfect end-of-line packaging equipment to integrate within your operations seamlessly. Proudly rooted in Taiwan, we serve customers worldwide.


Why choose Chuen An Pack?


By merging proven, time-tested designs with groundbreaking innovation, we deliver packaging machines built for longevity and performance. Our commitment to cost-effectiveness and safety is evident in our series of end-of-line solutions, empowering diverse industries to pack their products effortlessly. Our technological advancements aim to ensure successful and adaptable packaging across various sectors.


By fusing the reliability of time-honored designs with cutting-edge innovation, we build packaging machines renowned for their extended lifespans. We're proud to have spearheaded a cost-effective and safe series of end-of-line packaging solutions, empowering diverse industries to pack their products effortlessly. Our technology aims to ensure successful and adaptable packaging for various sectors.


For over 30 years, Chuen An Machinery has been a leading provider of end-of-line packaging solutions. Our ISO 9001-certified facilities and extensive expertise ensure you receive the highest quality equipment and support.


Need a solution? We'll create it! Complete packaging solutions just for you.

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CE certificate
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