Automatic Pallet Dispenser


The pallet dispenser, PSM-1000, is an automated machine that efficiently stores, loads, and releases pallets, also known as a pallet stacker or feeder. It can accommodate many pallets, typically stacked vertically, and accepts various pallet types and sizes.

The dispenser comprises a magazine for holding a stack of empty pallets, slip sheets, and forks that engage the stack. Its operation mainly relies on lifting mechanisms. Automated pallet dispensing systems can handle various pallet types, including wood, plastic, aluminum, metal, export, and rental pallets.

Pallet dispensers are essential to most palletizing systems, ensuring safe and efficient handling in warehouses, distribution centers, factories, or any high-volume pallet turnover environment.

Our inline automatic pallet dispenser seamlessly integrates into your palletizing line, effectively managing your empty pallets. The pallet dispenser collaborates with a pallet wrapping machine to achieve fully automated top cover application and load wrapping. This integrated solution streamlines the palletizing process, ensuring efficient and consistent preparation. If you have any questions, please contact us today.


Any of CHAN Pack’s machines can be modified or customized design to suit your specifications, if you are not sure exactly what you want then contact CHUEN AN Pack, and the Sales team will discuss your requirements with you.



  • Automatic pallet dispenser for integrated palletizing lines
  • Inline models for efficient management of empty pallets
  • Reduces manual labor and injury risk and protects workers
  • Easy loading with a 10-pallet magazine
  • Powered discharge conveyor
  • Magazine holds 10 pallets.
  • Powered discharge conveyor.
  • Electromechanical lift table standard
  • Versatile magazine accommodates various pallet types, including 2-Way Entry, 4-Way Entry, and more
  • Suitable for cardboard pallets, wood pallets, and plastic pallets
  • Adjustable pallet height via HMI
  • Reliable sensors: photo eyes, limit switches, and magnetic reed switches
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Seamless integration with existing palletizing or depalletizing systems
  • Heavy-duty, fully welded construction


Model PSM-1000
Power Supply 3 phase, 220/380 V, 50/60HZ
Pallet dimensions L: 1,200 * W: 1,200 mm (Max.)
L: 800 * W: 800 mm (Min.)
H: 100~150 mm
Roller conveyor Dia. 76 Galvanized pipe
Pallet loads 10 pallets
Pallets lifting table Motor driven vertical lift
Motor 1HP gear reduction motor
Convey speed Unable to adjust speed (* For safety reasons )
※CHUEN AN Pack reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.


Mechanical & Mechatronic aspect:

  • Extended discharge chain conveyors.
  • Powered Pallet Conveyors.

Special needs:

  • Customized color.