Shrink Wrapper

Smart Packaging Solutions for Consumer Electronics

When packaging consumer electronics items, it is often necessary to wrap them in sealed packaging to protect them from dust and moisture. In the household electronic and appliances industry, where products are manufactured in large volumes, the automation of packaging will go a long way in keeping production costs down.

Dust and Moisture Prevention

Automated carton assembling and taping machines provide a complete solution for dust and moisture prevention. By assembling, packing, and then finally sealing all edges of the carton, dust and moisture are prevented from entering the box through gaps in the edges. Besides the protection given, automated box assembly and sealing will go a long way in increasing speed and efficiency during manufacturing, and will significantly reduce costs.

Heat Shrink Sealing

To create a protective film type packaging for electronic items, they can be sealed with heat shrink film. A “Sealing Machine” can be used to wrap the item, which is then passed through a “Heat Shrink Tunnel” to form an attractive and protective covering. This method is often used to give an extra protective, moisture tight barrier around cardboard or paper boxes.

CHAN Pack Packaging and Heat Shrink Capabilities

CHAN Pack has over 30 years' experience as a manufacturer and supplier of automated packaging machinery and is a leading manufacturer of end-of-line packaging machines. We specialize in designing packaging systems that coordinate multiple functions such as box assembly and sealing. Shrink wrap solutions are suitable for Polyolefin, PVC, and PE shrink films, and systems can be equipped with Omron photo sensors for maximum efficiency. We also produce semi-automatic shrink wrap systems which are ideal for smaller operations and retail.

CHAN Pack’s Complete Solutions

CHAN Pack’s full line of products includes shrink wrappers, stretch wrappers, carton assembly, loading, packing, automatic sealing, strapping, conveying and fully automatic packaging lines to fit the needs of many industries. All design, manufacturing, and technical support is handled in house. We provide OEM service to our clients in industries that include food, hardware, medical, electronics, textiles, chemicals, furniture, etc. and have worked with clients in Southeast Asia, South Asia, The Middle East, Africa, USA, Canada, and Mexico. We welcome you to join our team, and look forward to working with you.