Stretch Wrap Machine in CPG Industry

Stretch Wrap Machine in CPG Industry

Efficient and cost-effective packaging systems are an essential fusion of blood in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market. They give businesses a reliable and much safer way to improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance quality, and meet environmental requirements. Specifically, in resource-saving issues, they can help shorten delivery times, reduce transportation costs, and improve product safety. Therefore, packaging machine suppliers should value the importance of time and money brought by efficient packaging systems that meet the needs of their customers to help them gain a competitive edge.

Securing goods in transport -"Protection More"
Stretch Wrap Machine in CPG Industry
The traditional manual palletization process in the CPG industry faces challenges due to worker variability and lack of standardization, leading to inconsistent output value and potential product damage. The risk of human error also raises concerns about workplace injuries and rework needs. Therefore, the industry is moving towards technological solutions for better efficiency, safety, and process automation.

The Benefits of an Automated Stretch Wrap Machine

  • It can be set to different values
  • It reduces labor costs and the risk of accidents caused by human error
  • It improves packing efficiency
  • It keeps products clean, dust-free, and less likely to be damaged

What is a stretch wrap machine?

A stretch wrap machine, known as a pallet wrapping machine, specializes in securing goods on a pallet with stretch film. The machine comes equipped with a turntable that spins the loaded pallet, with the pace of the film head feeding out polyethylene plastic up and down each cycle. This method effectively stabilizes the contents for transportation. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) distributors handle millions of products daily, so they need high-quality, efficient tools to meet their daily operational goals. In addition, keeping products clean and dust-free can be a bonus to help protect the whole pallet from damage during transportation and handling. CHUEN AN Pack provides equipment to a variety of CPG industries, including:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Health and cosmetics industry
  • Household cleaning products industry
  • Furniture manufacturing industry
  • E-commerce warehouse logistics industry

At CHUEN AN, we offer various entry-level, mid-range, and high-end equipment to meet all your packaging needs, including:

  1. Turntable stretch wrapping machines

    Turntable stretch wrapping machines
    Turntable-type wrappers efficiently automate the process of stretch wrapping goods on pallets. The pallet is placed on a rotating turntable that drives the movement of the goods while a wrapping system seamlessly covers the entire load from bottom to top and back again, securing it for transport. This versatile machine is widely used to package various types of palletized goods.

    Recommended models: CHW-1821 , CHW-1800, CHW-1824A

  2. Rotating arm stretch wrap machines

    Rotating arm stretch wrap machine
    The rotary arm pallet wrapper features a 360-degree rotating arm for evenly distributed stretch film packaging revolving around goods. It's ideal for lighter, taller, overweight, irregular, or unstable palletized items. This versatile machine offers adjustable arm speed, roller conveyor belts for infeed/outfeed, photo-eye sensor, pre-stretch film tension control, and a cycle pause function, providing comprehensive control of the wrapping process.

    Recommended models: CHW-1200A

  3. Horizontal stretch wrapping machines

    Horizontal stretch wrapping machine
    The horizontal wrapping machine features a revolving arm that rotates around horizontally moving goods, with a mechanism to adjust film tension. Ideal for wrapping long, large, irregular, heavy items such as carpets, flat materials, boards, steel pipes, and cylinders, it tightly bundles products into a cohesive unit with a spiral, uniform packaging. This machine boosts packaging efficiency and cuts labor costs.

    Recommended models: CHW-0300, CHW-0600A

Partner with CHUEN AN Pack for Superior Packaging Solutions

Our engineering tea can help you choose the right machine for your business and integrate it into your existing packaging line.


  • One-stop production: Design, manufacturing, QA, assembly, electrical, programming, and testing - all in-house.
  • Customization: Tailor-made solutions available.


  • In-house manufacturing: Extensive machinery handles welding, sheet metal, and CNC machining (lathes, milling, punching, bending).
  • Self-reliance: Over 90% of products are made with our own resources.

Quality & Support:

  • Comprehensive after-sales: Dedicated support for your products.
  • ISO9001 certified: Commitment to quality management systems.
  • TUV & CE certified: Products meet rigorous safety and performance standards.

Questions To Consider

  1. Why do you need or want an automatic stretch wrap machine?

    • Enhanced Efficiency: They can wrap pallets up to 50% faster than manual methods.
    • Reduced Labor Power: By eliminating the need for manual wrapping, these machines can significantly lower labor expenses.
    • Increased Safety: They help reduce injuries related to manual wrapping, such as back strain and falls.
    • Better Product Protection: These machines ensure better protection for products during transportation and storage.
  2. Do you have enough space to move an automated stretch wrap machine in?

    Automated stretch wrap machines can be large and bulky. Please check there is enough room to fit the model you desire.

  3. How many pallets do you need to wrap each day?

    Choosing the perfect automated wrapper for your daily pallet load is crucial. Go undersized, and it'll slow you down. Go overboard, and you'll waste money.

  4. How heavy are the pallets you need to wrap?

    The weight of the pallets you need to wrap will also affect the type of automated stretch wrap machine you need. Some machines are designed for heavier pallets than others.

  5. What level of automation do you need?

    From hands-on to hands-free, stretch wrap machines offer different automation options.

  6. What type of stretch film do you use on a stretch wrapper?

    There are two main types of stretch films on the market today. There are hand stretch film and machine stretch film. If you currently use human laborers to wrap your pallets, you should be using hand stretch wrap for this application. You cannot use your hand stretch film on your new stretch wrapping machine when you update from hand wrapping pallets to an automated stretch wrapper.

  7. How would you load the pallet with pallet jack or fork trucks or forklift that require a ramp to load ?

    We offer a variety of ramps that allow you to load the machine whether hand pallet jack or electric jack.

  8. Do you need to optimize your film usage?

    To use power pre-stretch carriages, you can reduce film needed per pallet and decrease your film costs by up to 60%. If you are wrapping 20 or more pallets per day, you can pay off the cost of the powered pre-stretch carriage in just a few months.

We can help you find the best stretch wrapping machine for your application. Contact us today for a recommendation and get a free quote!