CHW-1800 Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine


Automatic pallet wrapping machines streamline the process of wrapping pallet loads by automating various tasks. The device secures the leading edge of the stretch film, enabling the wrapping cycle to commence without manual input.

Upon initiating the wrapping cycle, the machine adheres to predefined parameters to wrap the pallet load and cleanly severs the stretch film at the cycle's conclusion. CHW-1800 incorporates a compact gadget – a hand-held remote control – that empowers forklift drivers to manage the packaging workflow effortlessly. 


Any of CHAN Pack’s machines can be modified or customized design to suit your specification, if you are not sure exactly what you want then contact CHAN Pack and Sales team will discuss your requirements with you.



  • Manual and automatic modes are operated via a 4" HMI and PLC program.
  • Intuitive operator panel for easy programming of wrap cycles with detailed parameters.
  • Automated film cutting and precise tail sealing on pallets using a brush mechanism post-wrapping.
  • Remote control initiation for cycle start, allowing operators to stay on the forklift during operation.
  • 200% power pre-stretch film carriage
  • Safety anti-pressure plate
  • Heavy-duty carriage rollers
  • Self-lubricating turntable bearings
  • Photocell-enabled pallet height detection for accuracy
  • Various working cycles available: ascent/descent, top sheet application, only ascent, only descent, layering, stacking, and wrap count selection
  • Adjustable turntable speed and film carriage ascent/descent speed via frequency inverters
  • Soft start/stop function ensuring a smooth wrapping process for increased machine longevity


Model CHW-1800
Power Supply 3 phase, 220/380/415 V, 50/60 HZ
Pallet dimensions L: 1,100~1,200 * W: 1,100~1,200 mm
Weight (include: pallet + product) 700~2,000 KG/pallet
Control system 4" HMI + PLC
Turntable diameter 1,800 mm
Wrapping height 2,100 mm
Turntable height 80 mm
Turntable speed 5~15 rpm , 1 HP turntable drive motor.
Production rate 20~30 pallets/hour
Film carriage speed 0~5 Meters/min. (adjustment by inverter.)
Film specifications PE film, I.D.: 76 mm, O.D.: 250 mm, W: 500 mm
Film thickness 17~35 micron
Air supply requirements 6 kg/cm²
Machine size L2930 x  W1810 x H2410 mm
※CHUEN AN Pack reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.


Mechanical & Mechatronic aspect:

  • Top pressure plate.  (* When the wrapping weight is less than 200 KG, it is recommended to install.)
  • Approach the Ramp to easily load & unload the pallets.
  • Low stretch film detector with alarm.
  • Continued wrapping function - After finished troubleshooting, the film holder will be raised to the original break point where to continue wrapping.
  • Wrapping height 2,400 or 2,700 mm.
  • Safety fences.

Special needs:

  • Customized color.