CHE-6020HG Automatic High Speed Side Sealer


The automatic side sealer is the perfect solution to your packaging needs. Specially designed to pack large size goods such as photo frame,self-assembling furniture..etc.. Servo motor is precise and its sealing mechanism is adaptable to different types of shrink films and able to support stable and consistent packing operation. The human machine interfacce of touch panel provides easy access to control and setup of the system including quick change over to different settings.


Any of CHAN Pack’s machines can be modified or customized design to suit your specification, if you are not sure exactly what you want then contact CHAN Pack and Sales team will discuss your requirements with you.

  • HMI provides easy access to all settings
  • No product length limit
  • Continuous motion side seal, packing speed can reach to 25~32 pcs/minutes depends on product length
  • Memory capacity for 10 job settings
  • Digital display of temperature control.
  • Safety cover to assure the operator safety
  • Applicable for POF shrink films, thickness 0.012-0.03mm
  • Feeding and sealing automatically to save the labor cost.
  • PLC controlled-easy to alter program
  • Photoelectric cell in feed system provides both horizontal and vertical choices to suit various product sizes
  • Sealing system controlled by servo motor ensures accurate position and perfect sealing.
Model CHE-6020HG
Power Supply 1φ,220V, 50/60HZ
Power Consumer 3 KW
Packing length L80 ~ unlimited
Max. packing width 60~300mm
Max. packing height 180mm
Sealing length 520mm
Conveyor speed 10-30 M/min
Packing speed 25~32 pcs/mins ( depends on product length)
Machine size L1630xW1150xH1590mm
※CHA Pack reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.

Mechanical aspect:

  • Left-to-right product flow
  • Closing conveyor “kissing belt” to allow conveying of small, irregular products
  • Additional infeed and outfeed conveyor.

Special needs:

  • #304 Stainless steel machine construction
  • Customized color