CHS-6601T Top & Bottom Flaps Folding Case Sealer | Side Belt Drive


Any of CHAN Pack’s machines can be modified or customized design to suit your specification, if you are not sure exactly what you want then contact CHAN Pack and Sales team will discuss your requirements with you.

  • Carton dragging by side belts with independent motors
  • Provides a T-Rail table for quick and easy for the operator to pack boxes
  • Extended side belt drive powers the carton through flap folding and sealing
  • Folding the bottom minor flaps as the box is set down
  • Crank handle adjustment of carotn width and height, easy operation and no need professional technicians
  • No air required to run the machine
  • Stainless roller table for carton movement
  • Carton sealing: top and bottom
  • Two sides compression rollers, have better tightness
  • The tape head is developed and produce by CHA PACK, the length of tape that can be placed up to 900m. (260mm diameter)
  • Dual telescoping mast with cushion. Adjust the unevenness of the carton.
  • Machine with mobile locking casters, easy to move anywhere
  • Emergency stop on side belts conveyor for quick access
  • Parts are manufactured with mold.- Stable quality, Short lead time
  • Machine can be available with other equipments, e.g: 1. Labeling mc. 2. Weighing mc. 3.Inkjet Printers
  • Machines are designed and produced by ourselves. Rugged design, low maintenance rate
  • 90% self-production rate, 100% Made in Taiwan.
Model CHS-6601T
Function Side belt driven
Power Supply 1 phase,110V/ 220V/240V
Tape Width 2" or 3"
2” Tape Sealing size  L250~600mm, W200-500mm, H120-500mm
3” Tape Sealing size L250~600mm, W200-500mm, H120-500mm
Tape overlap L60±5 (mm) standard
Working table height 570-770mm
Conveyor Speed 20 M/min
Control system Traditional distribution
Capacity 20~25 cases/per min. (Data is for carton length=330mm)
*** Depending on box size and operator efficiency.***
Machine dimension L2730xW960xH1400mm
※CHA Pack reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.

Mechanical & Mechatronic aspect:

  • Customized, Special carton dimensions
  • 1.5" taping head for 1.5" width tape
  • Outside diameter of OPP tape 350mm
  • Tape overlap 70+5mm
  • Extension roller table L500xW500mm / Roller converor L750xW500mm for in/out box packaging
  • Tape End and NG tape detector with alarm
  • Electric power: 3 phase, 220/380/415/440V
  • PLC controller. Combine with case erector, or case strapper or pallet wrapper for end of line packaging automation
  • Mechanical Counter
  • CE Type
  • Safety fences with shut-off

Special needs:

  • Stainless steel version construction
  • Customized color