CHS-6602 Case/Box Taping Sealer with Top & Bottom Belt Drive


The CHS-6602 manual box sealer epitomizes efficiency in sealing cartons, cases, and boxes with top and bottom belts. We tailor CHS-6602 for handling extensive batches. This carton sealing machine accommodates various box sizes, effortlessly sealing narrow uniform cartons and supporting 25 kg.

There is no need for compressed air.  The box sealing machine offers unmatched flexibility in positioning within your facility or production lines. Its easily adjustable features, including customizable width and height settings, ensure seamless adaptation to specific carton dimensions. The stainless steel roller table provides a smooth surface for carton movement, complemented by mobility-enhancing casters that allow convenient transportation within your plant.

The CHS-6602 case sealer boasts a user-friendly interface, facilitating fast box size changes and tape head customization to accommodate 2” standard tapes. Its design includes top compression rollers and dual masts for enhanced taping head stability, ensuring precise and uniform tape application down the center of each carton. The CHS-6602 offers fast and easy box changes with adjustable side guides running from 150mm to infinite box length and is also able to seal boxes ranging from 110mm to 500mm in width, as well as 110mm to 500mm in height.

We use cutting-edge manufacturing techniques like laser-cutting, edge treatment, electroplating, welding, and premium materials such as 304 stainless steel. This sealer guarantees durability and top-notch performance. Its open design effortlessly integrates with ink printers for box coding requirements and features a built-in counter for daily operational tracking. With two motors, the top and bottom belt system makes sealing boxes quick and easy.

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  • Carton dragging by top belts and bottom belts with independent motors for smooth and efficient carton movement
  • Crank handle adjustment of carton width and height for easy operation without professional technicians
  • Two side-guiding rails to keep cartons in place during sealing
  • Up to 30 kg loading capacity for a wide variety of cartons
  • No air is required for machine operation, a cost-effective and environmentally friendly feature
  • Stainless roller table for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Carton sealing on top and bottom for secure sealing
  • Two-sided compression rollers for better tightness and security
  • The tape head was developed and produced by CHUEN AN PACK for high quality and compatibility with various tapes
  • Dual telescoping mast with cushion to adjust to uneven cartons
  • Machine with mobile locking casters for easy mobility
  • Emergency stop on top taping head for quick access and safety
  • Parts manufactured with mold for stable quality and short lead time
  • Option to combine with other end-of-line packaging equipment
  • Integration with case erector, case strapper, or pallet wrapper for end-of-line packaging automation
  • In-house design and production for high quality and warranty backing
  • 90% self-production rate and 100% Made in Taiwan for quality control


Model CHS-6602
Function Top & bottom belt driven
Power Supply 1 phase,110/220/240 V
Tape Width 2" or 3"
2” & 3" Tape Sealing size L: 150~∞ mm, W: 180~500 mm,H: 110~500 mm
Tape overlap L: 60±5 (mm) standard
Working table height 570~770 mm
Conveyor Speed 20 M/min
Control system Traditional distribution
Capacity 30 cases/per min. (Data is for carton length=330 mm)
*** Depending on box size and operator efficiency.***
Machine dimension L: 1100*W: 790*H: 1,420 mm
※CHAN Pack reserves the right to modify specifications for quality development.


Mechanical & Mechatronic aspect:

  • Customized, Special carton dimensions
  • 1.5" taping head for 1.5" width tape
  • Outside diameter of OPP tape 350 mm
  • Tape overlap 70+5 mm
  • Extension roller table L: 500*W: 500 mm / Roller conveyor L: 750*W: 500 mm for in/out box packaging
  • Tape End and NG tape detector with alarm
  • Electric power: 3 phase, 220/380/415/440 V
  • PLC controller. Combine with case erector, case strapper, or pallet wrapper for end-of-line packaging automation
  • Mechanical Counter
  • CE Type
  • Acrylic or Swing-out mesh steel guarding with a shut-off device
  • Special requests and bespoke designs

Special needs:

  • Stainless steel version construction
  • Customized color