Random Carton/ Top & Side Belt Taping Machine


Any of CHAN Pack’s machines can be modified or customized design to suit your specification, if you are not sure exactly what you want then contact CHAN Pack and Sales team will discuss your requirements with you.

  • Top & Side belt driven
  • Adjusted automatically for many different box sizes
  • Suitable for heavier loads, up to 35kg
  • High speed & durable tapping head
  • Dual telescoping mast with cushion
  • Locking casters as standard accessory
  • With search height sensor
  • Stainless roller table
  • Easy operation and easy maintenance
  • 100% Made in Taiwan Valued Quality
Model CHS-6603A
Function Top & Side belt driven
Power Supply 1 phase,110V/ 220V/240V
Tape Width 2" or 3"
2” Tape Sealing size L150-∞mm, W125-500mm, H120-470mm
3” Tape Sealing size L150-∞mm, W150-500mm, H120-470mm
Tape overlap L60±5 (mm) standard
Working table height 570-770mm
Conveyor Speed 20 M/min
Capacity 12-15 cases/per min. depending on box size and operator efficiency.
Machine dimension L1250xW910xH1315mm
Air compressor 6kg/cm2
※CHA Pack reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.

Mechanical & Mechatronic aspect:

  • Customized specifications
  • Tape overlap 70±5mm
  • Extension roller table (infeed/exit) L500xW500mm
  • Outside diameter of OPP tape 350mm
  • CE Type
  • Combine with strapping machine or case erector
  • Detection for no tape and NG taping function
  • Additional pneumatic squeeze rollers
  • Add counter
  • Have both of regular mode (random sizes) and memory mode (uniform sizes)
  • 60 sec. auto-stop
  • PLC control
  • Safety fences with shut-off device

Special needs:

  • #304 Stainless steel machine construction
  • Customized color