Automated Carton Tape Sealing Solutions

Automated Carton Tape Sealing Solutions

What equipment provides efficient, contamination-proof, and cost-effective solutions in the textile, food, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries? The answer is the packing system. This system helps reduce operational costs, minimize waste, and enhance sustainability. It is the savior for the food industry, where employers ensure safety and quality and comply with regulations. The consumables are measurable with precision brought by the machine. The calculation is razor-thin. “No waste” means saving. Saving means earning.

Liberate Your Time Costs - Quick and Easy, upgrading production efficiency
Automated Carton Tape Sealing Solutions
Carton sealers(Box sealers) and Carton Erectors (Case erectors) will match your business scale. As your business grows, the efficiency of manual carton opening may not suffice. Various automatic carton erectors are available to save time and money significantly. These machines efficiently handle opening, forming, folding, bottoming, and sealing cartons simultaneously. You can select from standard or customized equipment to suit your specific needs. By implementing automated carton erectors, you can reduce labor requirements and seamlessly integrate essential equipment into your packaging process. Personnel can fill the cartons with products before sending them to the carton sealing line, streamlining the packaging workflow.

Cases shifted from the carton erector line roll into the carton sealing line. Carton sealer is an automated packaging machine that automatically seals cartons after products are placed and pushed into the processing inlet. Semi-automatic and fully automatic sealers are optional for clients to choose from based on their business scales. Semi-automatic sealers require manual adjustment for some functions, while fully automatic sealers have automatic folding, top and bottom-driven sealing, and carton-feeding mechanisms. Employees only need to put simultaneously into can Carton sealers to save the company’s labor, time, and money resources.

Automatic Carton Erector and Taping Machines Streamline Packaging

CHUEN AN Pack, with over 30 years of experience in solving global customer difficulties, offers a range of case sealers and erectors. Our know-how will help simplify the complexity of food industries. Our arrangement will ensure the cleanliness and safety of packaged goods.

What Are The Sealing Effect of Carton Sealing Machines?

Bottom Seal Only (Automatic Case Erector: CHS-6701): A Carton Erector stands up and seals the bottom of the box, often used with automatic carton sealers.

Top & Bottom Seal (Carton/Case Tape Sealing Machine: CHS-6601, CHS-6602): Uniform sealing effect, reduces waste and tape costs, produces aesthetically pleasing sealed cartons.

Side Seal (Case Taping Sealer: CHS-6604): Seals carton sides, enhancing production line efficiency in conveyance, feeding, and bagging.

4-Edge Seal (Four-Edge Carton Taping Sealers: CHS-6702): Tape is applied on all four edges, which is suitable for tamper-proofing and protection from external elements.

What Are The Different Types Of Carton Sealing Machines?

Uniform Case Sealers / Semi-Automatic (Auto Flaps Folding Carton Taping Sealer: CHS-6601HB, CHS-6605): For sealing cartons of the same size and shape, requiring manual adjustments based on carton size.

Random Case Sealers / Fully Automatic (Semi-auto/auto Carton Random Side Taping Sealer: CHS-6601A/CHS-6605A): Adjusts automatically for different carton sizes and shapes, ideal for small batch packaging with variable box dimensions.

Partner With CHUEN AN Pack For The Choice To Automate Your Carton Sealing Operation

With know-how, our resourceful engineers can help you to choose the right machine for your business and to integrate it into your existing packaging line.

  • One-stop production management, from design, processing, quality control, assembly, electrical control, programming, and testing, are all carried out internally by the company. Customized offerings are also available.
  • The factory has CNC lathes, milling machines, punching machines, and folding machines. All welding and sheet metal processing are produced and manufactured internally.
  • The product self-sufficiency rate is over 90%.
  • A complete after-sales service.
  • ISO9001 quality certification.
  • Passed TUV certification and obtained CE certificate.

Questions To Consider

  1. What are the size and weight of the card box?

    It is crucial to evaluate the sizes of the cardboard boxes you use, ranging from the smallest to the largest. The dimensions and weight of the boxes can vary depending on the machine, so it is important to determine which case sealers can handle the minimum and maximum sizes and weight capacity of your boxes.

  2. What type of sealing effect do you need the case sealer to achieve?

    Do you need the machine to seal both the top and bottom of the box (Top & Bottom Seal), seal all four sides of the box (4-edge Seal), or need to stand the box as a case and seal only the bottom (Bottom Seal Only)?

  3. What type of sealing effect do you need the case sealer to achieve?

    For example, standard common cardboard boxes, boxes with a bottom cover but no top cover, or double-cover fully interlocking boxes.

  4. Is the cardboard box sealing requirement for a single size or multiple sizes?

    Your needs will differ depending on whether your cardboard boxes are consistently the same size or vary in size. If boxes of different sizes are randomly passing through the same production line, the case sealer must be able to adjust its size automatically. Random or automatic adjustment case sealers are best suited for boxes of varying sizes. On the other hand, if the size of the boxes is uniform, standard case sealers are ideal for you.

  5. Which type of box sealing method do you use or need?

    Typically, the choice is between using tape or hot melt glue.

  6. Will the machine be a part of your packaging line or does it stand- alone?

    This is very important! It decides which model of case sealer is right for you and the right circuit design.

  7. What is your working environment?

    Where do you use the case sealer ? If the machine will be used in a high humidity or food production environment, it is best to use a stainless steel case sealer. It is also important to consider how much room is available for the case sealer as the machine come in different sizes.

We can help you find the best carton sealer for your application. Contact us today for a recommendation and get a free quote!