Product Name : Robot Stretch WrapperCHW-B1200
Product Description
proimages/product/machine-04.pngStretch Wrapper
Product Description
  • Safety system : stopped in case of contact with an obstacle
  • PLC controlled, with display control panel.
  • Battery charger and battery indicator
  • Pallet height sensor
  • Top and bottom layers adjustable
  • Up & Down or Up only wrapping programs
  • Supplied with 24V battery and charger
  • Film carriage driven by chain
  • 4 separate wrapping modes
    *Single cycle mode ( only upward or only downward )
    *The standard mode ( upward / downward)
    *Fixed height of wrapping rounds ( only covering the top )
    *Fixed middle of wrapping rounds (only middle of reinforcing wrapping)
  • Soft start / stop + emergency stop + adjustable rotation speed
  • No pallet size limit
  • Move easily
Model CHW-B1200
Power Supply 3φ, 220V/380V, 50/60HZ
Rotation speed Max. 90 M/min.
Wrapping height Max.2400mm
Min. pallet size L700xW700xH730mm
Max. pallet size unlimit
Film tension Adjustable
Film specification PE film core I.D.: 76mm, O.D.:250mmxL500mm
Control system PLC
Machine size L1650xW1260xH2800mm

※CHA Pack reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.

Mechanical aspect:
  • Safety fences
  • Pre-stretch film carriage with anti-entanglement (200%,300%)
  • Remote control
Special needs:
  • Customized color