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The CHS series carton taping machine from Chuen An pack provides smooth carton sealing operations with its side belt drive, side & top belt drive and bottom & top belt drive design. Standard features include a roller top in feed table and exit table, locking casters and locking top squeezers to keep your case square during the taping operation. These standard features and low price,make the CHS series Carton Taping Machine a value buy. If you are looking for maximum efficiency, easy to use, minimum cost and help protect your shipping , let's discuss a carton taping machine that meets your demands. Chuen An pack provides you with a full and customiz options.
  • <span>Uniform Carton/ Side Drive</span>CHS-6601
    Uniform Carton/ Side DriveCHS-6601
  • <span>Uniform Carton/ Side Drive</span>CHS-6601H
    Uniform Carton/ Side DriveCHS-6601HB
  • <span>Uniform Carton/ Top & Bottom Drive</span>CHS-6602
    Uniform Carton/ Top & Bottom DriveCHS-6602
  • <span>Uniform Carton/ Top & Bottom Drive</span>CHS-6604
    Uniform Carton/ Top & Bottom DriveCHS-6604
  • <span>Uniform Carton/ Top & Side Drive</span>CHS-6603
    Uniform Carton/ Top & Side DriveCHS-6603
This CHS series automatic random carton taping machines is an automatic sealing of self-adjusting machine with four drive belts. The carton must be introduced into the machine with the top flaps already closed, the upper taing head and side driving belts automatically adjust to the box dimensions . The top and the bottom flaps are simultaneously sealed. If you are looking for maximum efficiency and a simple packing station, this is the random-size carton boxes taping machine for you to choose.
  • <span>Random Carton/ Side drive</span>CHS-6601A
    Random Carton/ Side driveCHS-6601A
  • <span>Random Carton/ Top & Side Driven</span>CHS-6603A
    Random Carton/ Top & Side DrivenCHS-6603A
This CHS series is an efficiency machine that does a great job of folding and taping the top and bottom sides of same sized or various boxes. To be used on fully automatic lines with no operator required, you can add this automatic falp folder tapng sealing machine to your already established production line and represents a practical and simple packaging station. If you are looking for maximum efficiency and see an immediate reduction in labor costs, this is the automatic carton taping machine for your best ideal.
  • <span>Uniform Carton</span>CHS-6605
    Uniform CartonCHS-6605
  • <span>Uniform Carton</span>CHS-6605S
    Uniform CartonCHS-6605S
  • <span>Uniform Carton</span>CHS-6601T
    Uniform CartonCHS-6601T
  • <span>Random Carton</span>CHS-6605A
    Random CartonCHS-6605A
This CHS series is carton edge sealer taping machine that does a great job of sealing the edges of top and bottom flaps. To be used on fully automatic lines with operator free. The machines are designed to eliminate costly hand taping of the four outer edges of random/uniform sized cartons where pilfer proofing and protection of your product from outside environment is necessary. If you are looking for highest performance packing solution and immediate reduction in hand taping costs, this is the great carton edge sealer taping machine for you to choose.
  • <span>Uniform Carton</span>CHS-6702
    Uniform CartonCHS-6702
  • <span>Random Carton</span>CHS-6702A
    Random CartonCHS-6702A
The automatic carton erector machine is one of the automatic packaging lines. This machine process covers suction box, molding, folding bottom, and back cover to meet the needs of conventional packaging or special packaging. Solve the problem of human resources in the past and accelerate the overall process of packaging. The carton erector machine can be placed in-line with any kind of converting equipment such as feeding mechanisms, alignment machines, automatic batching systems for large production lines, etc.. If you are looking to add to your existing production line, this is the ideal carton erector for your best choice. 
  • <span>Vertical Box Erector</span>CHS-6701
    Vertical Box ErectorCHS-6701
  • <span>Horizontal Carton Erecting Machine</span>CHS-6801
    Horizontal Carton Erecting MachineCHS-6801
  • <span>Horizontal Carton Erecting Machine</span>CHS-6801L
    Horizontal Carton Erecting MachineCHS-6801L
  • <span>Semi-auto Case Erector</span>CHS-6301
    Semi-auto Case ErectorCHS-6301